Bitcoin gets important seal of approval: cryptocurrency price is now on Bloomberg

Bloomberg LP has announced it will include Bitcoin prices on its financial data terminals. The decision is big news for the world’s most famous cryptocurrency and it has already sparked the interest of several American trading platforms, according to The Wall Street Journal. “Bitcoin may be the biggest technology innovation since the Internet or a fad …

KnCMiner Joins Bitcoin Foundation at Platinum Level

In five short years, Bitcoin mining has inspired cutting edge innovation and breathed new life into the silicon industry. Leading the pack is our newest Platinum member, KnCMiner. “We are avid believers in Bitcoin and its potential to shape the future of digital transactions worldwide — most notably for millions of people traditionally locked out […]

CoinGecko is an online cryptocurrency ranking website that provides a 360 degree overview of cryptocurrencies. It helps traders holistically and quantitatively evaluate the potential of cryptocurrencies based on several key aspects. CoinGecko evaluates cryptocurrencies by looking at core metrics beyond market capitalisation such as developer activity, community team and liquidity. …

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FinCEN Says BTC Cloud Miners/ Escrow Services Not Money Transmitters

FinCEN: Digital Currency Cloud Mining, Escrow Services Aren’t Money Transmitters (via The US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has issued new rulings indicating that digital currency-related cloud mining and escrow services should not be considered money transmitters. The two […]

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Cryptonator Brings New Exciting Cryptocurrency App To All iPhone And iPad Users Worldwide

A new and exciting digital currency conversion app for Apple iPhone/iPad was released by Cryptonator today, on April 29th and is now available for everyone to freely download from the App Store. Cryptonator is an online cryptocurrency exchange rate calculator and conversion tool, which enables conversions between 300 digital currencies and fiat money. As of […]

Digital Currency Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to Science Founded by Einsteinium EMC2 – Pledges $1500 USD to Diabetes Research

Devoted to fast-track the future with the modern means of digital currency, the Einsteinium Foundation continues to fund vital scientific research worldwide with the digital coin EMC2. Only two months in and they have made their second monthly donation: $1500 USD to diabetes research. The organization behind the EMC2 digital currency, the Einsteinium Foundation, has […]

UKIP establish a clear lead

By Michelle Harrison The latest European election UK voting intentions poll by Kantar company, TNS, reveals that over the last three weeks support for UKIP has increased meaning they have now established a clear lead over Labour. The percentage of people planning to vote for UKIP now stands at 36%; an increase of … …read more Read more here: UKIP establish a clear lead     

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Mexico is loving Bitcoin: Fundación Satoshi Nakamoto and new exchange arise

A new cryptocurrency exchange and the opening of the Fundación Satoshi Nakamoto, the newest affiliate of the Bitcoin Foundation, have officially turned Mexico into a (even more) Bitcoin-friendly country. “While governments around the world are trying to understand Bitcoin, Mexicans are using Bitcoin to purchase everyday necessities like food, clothing, and even healthcare”, the Bitcoin Foundation announced …