Snowden’s biggest revelation: We don’t know what power is anymore, nor do we care

By Mark Ames On December 29, 2013 It’s been a busy end of 2013 for the Snowden/NSA story: a pair of conflicting judicial rulings on the legality or illegality of the NSA’s phone surveillance program; an Obama-appointed panel recommending mild NSA…

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New Bitcoin IRA Offered by Broad Financial

SOURCE: Broad Financial December 30, 2013 14:43 ET MONSEY, NY–(Marketwired – Dec 30, 2013) – Bitcoin has experienced growing acceptance in the commercial arena, and is now being offered as a viable retirement asset. Broad Financial, a leader in the…

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Chinese internet consulting company BoQi (BoKi) announces accepting bitcoin weibo of the company: (so far don’t see anything on the official web-site) They are asking OkCoin, BTC123 and BTCer to announce via weibo seems legit, anybody can do more checking? edit: reposted by (search for ?? (boqi) on the page, dunno how to give direct link) submitted by realhuman link 1 comment

Do not order anything from It is a scam!

I just wanted to post about and warn everyone never to order anything from this service. I placed an order on Sept 4th and still haven’t received anything from coinabul. coinabul also uses an alias in IRC of coingenuity and won’t respond to any messages or any emails. It is scams like this that make btc look bad. Your Order #200000883 (placed on September 4, 2013 5:49:56 AM PDT) for 18.46 btc submitted by thesheff17 link 6 comments

A simple suggestion for Coinbase (and other online wallets) that would instantly eliminate theft: Allow users to set daily transaction limits that once reached, cause further transactions to be held for 24 hours, during which time they can be canceled

I posted this in another thread several weeks back where another user had money removed from his Coinbase account, but I figure it’s best to make an actual posting now that another user lost bitcoins. Essentially, while 2FA is great, it fails in certain situations (eg, someone has access to your phone). In addition, Coinbase has other mechanisms, such as the API key, which are points of failure. The solution is extremely simple: If a user chooses, daily transaction thresholds will be enabled Each user can set a threshold appropriate for themselves – for…

37Coins – Bitcoin Wallet for 3rd World

Hi there! check out , a set of tools to bring SMS Bitcoin wallets to any mobile network. An Android application acts as gateway to the internet, while the clients can use ‘dump’ feature-phones. The challenge is making compromises to bring as much security as affordable to allow a client on an untrusted network to control the hosted wallet. What you see is a prototype, it allows sending an receiving Bitcoins via SMS shortcodes. A voice-pin service is in place that validates big transactions, …