As a vendor who accepts bitcoins, I am very happy how well bitcoin black friday turned out.

I own my own business ( ) and sell electronic cigarettes. Today I did almost all of my own Christmas shopping and made the best attempts to purchase from vendors accepting bitcoins. I bought a lot of stuff for myself as well as my family and friends such as a 3d printer, dash cams, cell phones.. ALL with bitcoins! At the end of the day I added up all the sales my business had in bitcoins and compared it to how much I spent… and it was about equal! It just…

Read about bitcoin in the WSJ, but I don’t understand how to purchase them

I found this forum and created an account after searching around on google for a bit. I hope this is the right place. You all seem very helpful, but this is all a bit over my head. The idea of a decentralized non-fiat currency is intriguing, but I don’t understand the technical side of things. Excuse my naivety, but: Can I buy bitcoins on my MacBook? How does purchasing part of a bitcoin work? Is it more like a mutual fund…

My Bitcoin Black Friday Totals: 2.67124986 BTC

snapCard orders: Dirt by Alice in Chains: 0.0038 BTC Paranoid by Black Sabbath: 0.0035 BTC Mud Slide Slim GOLD by James Taylor: 0.0244 BTC JT Remastered by James Taylor: 0.0052 BTC Mellon Collie by Smashing Pumpkins: 0.0034 BTC Path of Totality by Korn: 0.0061 BTC Streamlight Stinger Flashlight: 0.0663 BTC $250 Amazon Card: 0.2412 BTC Bitcoin Keychains: 0.0071 BTC A few BitCards: 0.0138 BTC http://www….

My business has received more bitcoin orders today than I have in the past 6 months! Thanks for supporting the bitcoin economy!

It’s great to see the bitcoin community rally so much support! I should mention that today, I’ve earned a smaller amount of bitcoin than bitcoin payments from the last six months due to deflation, but that isn’t what’s important. What is important is this wave of new merchants and customers using bitcoin as a currency. Good job ladies and gentlemen! What a success!! My sale today: 25% off at Cloudy Sky Leatherworks submitted by genpub link 6 comments