Business trip to Chile. Easily used bitcoin to change currency. Made a friend.

I was planning a trip to Chile. I put an ad online offering to sell BTC. Made contact with an interested Chilean. Upon arrival, I met him in the hotel lobby. I transferred BTC to him and he handed me a stack of pesos. During the wait for confirmation, we chatted. He told me the best places to eat locally. I told him my stories about bitcoin. He hungered for the information and was very grateful. He even offered to lend me a throwaway phone for the week. He met me later that day …

Hi I need help.. somebody stole my bitcoins..

Hi, i use the marketplace and today i looked into my online wallet and all my bitcoins were gone… i can see that somebody.. not me.. transferred all my bitcoins to an adress and i also have the ip from which somebody logged into my account: 30.03.13 13:02 29.03.13 22:21 so what can i do now? please help me.. somebody robbed me blank : ( and i just started to hope that bitcoin could be a change for the better…. thanks submitted by smartchar link 8 comments