Better odds at bitcoin gem or satoshi dice?

Bitcoin gem has changed rules, from the site: However, the gem resets randomly, the odds of a reset are 3.125%, your winning odds are 96.875% bitcoin gem makes a 10% profit, so how does this compare to satoshi dice? I’m not a math guy, but there seem to be better odds at bitcoin gem, is that correct? submitted by silvesterwilliams link 3 comments

bitstamp the new challenger to Mtgox? I noticed that Bitstamp, that we rarely hear about, is number 2 in volume. This is explained because even though they’re based in EU all funds are converted to USD, so they only have one market, and don’t seem to ask for crazy documentation like Mtgox You guys have experience with Bitstamp? submitted by sexyama link 2 comments

Coinbase cancelled my purchases.

I am not trying to spam the sub with this, but in case anybody missed the post yesterday, I do think it’s necessary to make sure this gets noticed. Last night, I received two copy and paste emails, one was for 6 BTC and the other for 2 BTC, with this language: On Jan 25, 2013 you purchased 6.00 BTC via bank transfer for $104.93. Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel this order because it appears to be high risk. We do not send out any bitcoins on high risk transactions, and you will receive a refund to your bank account in 3-4 business…

Bitcoin Hits $20.50/BTC, Continues Climbing

Well, that didn’t take very long. $120,000 of Bitcoins were rapidly purchased on the Mt.Gox USD exchange, breaking down the ask wall at $20 and pushing Bitcoin over the $20 mark for the first time since the July 2011 bubble. Resistance beyond $20 is minimal, which will likely lead to a spike into the high-twenties before trading settles down again.

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